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We have been serving Decatur &  surrounding communities for more than 7 years with our efficient & reliable computer repair services.  Every decision we make is with our client’s best interest at heart.

What we do

PC & Mac Repair

Whether it's a PC, Mac, laptop, desktop, or something in-between...we can fix it. Operating system repairs & installations, parts replacement, diagnosis, upgrades, data migration, or anything else you need...we can handle it.

Networking Services

Your home and/or small business need reliable network connectivity, & your ISP supplied equipment normally doesn't cut it. We can add to or completely install a networking system that will satisfy your needs.

Security / Backup Software

We offer affiliate links/discounts for security, cloud, & other software. If we don’t or haven’t used it, we won’t recommend it. You can be sure you are being sold high quality software that’ll do what it’s intended to do.

Malware/Virus Removal

Malware/viruses are designed to be hard to remove & often embeds itself in windows. This makes it very hard for the average user to remove it, but through years of experience we can do so without destroying your data.

Small Business Website Design / Hosting

Small businesses need to be online, whether with single landing page or a complete site. We can design one that suits your business needs. We also offer maintenance packages & webhosting.

Smart Home Services

If you need recommendations for smart home products, we have you covered. Plugs, switches, hubs, thermostats, & much more. We can even help you get your smart home products up & running.

Wordpress Website Maintenance

We can handle your WordPress maintenance needs, including: updates (core, theme, & plugins), optimization, backups, security, SEO (search engine optimization), & speed.

Remote / OnSite Repair

Many simple issues can be repaired remotely for convenience. If remotely doesn’t work we can make an in person visit to get you taken care of. We also offer a pickup & delivery service for your computer.

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